10 marathons in 10 days

How long do you think it'll take Andrew to run it?

Andrew's Brathay Windermere 10in10 2015

Andrew Shanley is running the The Brathay Windermere Marathon 10 in 10 for Brathay Trust. This is an extraordinary challenge for a great cause.

Toronto Marathon
Lake Windermere

Help Andrew reach his fundraising target

Thanks for all your guesses so far. As Andrew is now over half-way through his run, we are no longer accepting any more guesses. We will soon be updating this page with the results from his 6 marathons run so far! Good Luck to those who guessed, and good luck to Andrew for his last 4 runs!

Current guesses

Here are the current guesses. All guesses are unique, so there will be exactly one winner.

Time Name
53:00 Marco
51:00 Jamie Sun
50:15 Joe Sh
49:45 Janet Ross
49:35 Joe Sh
49:27 Julia P
49:21 Joanne Giles
48:39 Joe Shanley
48:20 Daniel Shanley
47:27 Julie Shanley
47:21 Karen Baldwin
46:42 Anne McAnerney
46:36 Megan Dillon
46:27 Lisa Preston
46:90 Kate McIntyre
45:45 Janet Ross
45:30 Jack Shanley
45:15 Adrian and Michelle
45:00 Kay
44:42 Tracey Bruce
44:39 Maurice Dillon
44:00 Ben Callis
43:51 Michelle and adrian
43:21 Emma Gerrard
42:39 Alice Dillon
42:60 Claire Dillon
41:48 Nigel Beeson
41:24 Tracey Bruce
41:90 Hayley